Oregon man wins dual top prizes with identical lottery tickets

An Oregon man who made the unusual choice to buy two identical tickets for the same drawing won the top prize of $1,000 a week for life — twice.

The Oregon Lottery said Zane Collins turned the $1,000 a week top prize in the Win for Life drawing into $2,000 a week by purchasing two identical tickets for the same date.

Collins, who said friends and family have always described him as lucky, said buying two tickets has always been a part of his Win for Life strategy.

“I thought that if I win once, it’s way better to win twice,” Collins said when he visited lottery headquarters to claim his dual prizes July 29.

Collins chose to take his winnings as an annuity, receiving nearly $70,000 total after taxes every year for as long as he lives.

The player said his winnings will allow him to help his two daughters pay for nursing school.

The Oregon Lottery said Collins is the 47th top prize winner in the Win for Life game since it launched in May 2009.